Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bonne année!

 "And In the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take." -The Beatles
Happy Early New Year to all my followers and to those of you who stumble upon this blog. : ) As lovely as 2010 was, I'm glad to start off a whole new year. I've learned so much about myself this year; I've discovered what it means to really care about someone and have learned to be independent.
It's funny the way adoration and togetherness can turn into ostracism and nostalgia, the true meaning of friendship and what I want in relationships came to me this year and I am so thankful for having the opportunities that I was given. Goodbye 2010, I will miss you dearly. I can't wait to kick off 2011 in London, England (I won't have access to my blog there so I'm putting this up early). My New Year resolution is to mend the broken pieces that I unwillingly left undone. I hope everyone has a lovely New Year and is welcoming 2011 amiably. Leave a comment to share your New Year resolution.  : ) Cheers!

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